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My graduation specialization at the art academy was photography. It was more a defiant choice then my biggest passion at that time. I went to the art academy because I loved drawing and painting and wanted to develop those skills, so I could become an illustrator or draftsman or something else ‘with drawing and painting’.

Unfortunately  the academy  was a bit disappointing for that matter.  They wanted me to experiment and do ridiculous things, in my 19 years old opinion, still agree a bit….and I got more and more frustrated. In year three I decided to stop drawing and painting and took another route, photography, something I’d also loved to do. I stayed in the illustration department but now photography was the means. It was a good choice, I became more happy to be at the academy, learned a lot and developed my own style in photography.

Who could have known I would become a crochet animal pattern designer. I never even touched a crochet hook till three years ago. I still work as a freelance illustrator and drawing is very important when designing my animals. Photography too is an important aspect of what I do now. I need to take good pictures of my work to promote it and I just love taking extraordinary pictures of my dolls in full glory!

Here’s one more of Floro I took last week.


I hope you enjoy watching my photography .

And I challenge you to go out and do the same! Take some extraordinarily pictures of your Popkes and mail them to me. If I get enough great pictures, I’ll post them here in a special post. And a tip: take pins with you!



  1. Elephant says:

    I like these little Popkes! I hope people send in photos. It would be fun to see what others have done with your lovely designs! Something fun is my guess.

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