Falun, crochet badger pattern

And here he is, my fuzzy crochet badger. I love how he turned out. Falun looks quite realistic but also makes a cute crochet badger doll.

crochet badger pattern, badger amigurumi, haakpatroon das

This was the most challenging crochet animal I’ve made so far. I assumed the stripes on the head would be pretty much impossible to crochet, but that wasn’t the hardest part. Getting the right badger shapes and sizes was a struggle. After making a lot of test parts I finally began to see the right shapes and slowly Falun came to life. At some point, most parts where finished and I almost couldn’t wait to finish him and take pictures.

Falun is a bit chubby, because badgers are burrowers and have a roundish body shape. Falun doesn’t exactly resemble the sketch I’ve made, but it was a useful guide to crochet the actual badger. It was a bit difficult to make a doll shaped badger, because of their striped head and neck. I had to find a way to close the head and prevent it from becoming just a piece sewed to the body. After some experimenting I got it right and mainly that dark chin, which I wrote about in my previous post, helped to make a neat join and made the head and body look good together. The Lopi yarn gives my crochet badger a beautiful hairy and rustic texture, similar to the rough hair real badgers have.

dassen haakpatroon

The Falun, crochet badger pattern is available in my shop and in my Ravelry shop. You can also order it directly from me. Falun is sitting 5,3 inch/13,5 cm tall. The pattern is written in standard American crochet terms and contains a clear description of the materials and yarns needed and of how to crochet and attach the badger and scraf. It also contains many example pictures.

Enjoy the pattern and I hope this badger meets everyone’s expectations!

Note: for a long time I wanted to create a crochet badger pattern and I postponed it till now. Sadly, I timed it simultaneous with a terrible event in Britain, a badger cull, a very sad and useless act. I’m of course fully against the cull and it shed a darkness on making this badger. It made me very sad. I dedicate this crochet badger to all the badgers who where killed.



  1. Hello Sonja,
    I love CROCHET and BADGERS!!!!
    Me and my mum try to go to all of the BADGER marches in London, Brighton, Hastings etc.
    We think the same as you… That the cull is a despicable act and it should be stopped, but unfortunately the EVIL government don’t see it that way!!
    I hope this finds you well and I am definitely going to try and complete this amazing pattern!! ❤

    • Sonja says:

      Hi Joely,

      Lovely to hear from you and I think it’s really great you attend those marches! If I lived in Britain I would do that too. Have fun making your badger!

      Regards, Sonja.

      • Joely Overington says:

        Hi Sonja, Thank you for your lovely reply… I think i must be a little be silly 😛 I’m having some trouble changing colours for the black stripes on Falun’s face.. Do you think you could help me please 🙂 xx

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