Monty’s holiday


I just got back from a short break in the country and of course I took my newest crochet animal Monty with me. We have visited the Veluwe, which is the largest wood and heathland surroundings of the Netherlands. Last year we also went there and I already knew where I was going to take pictures of Monty. The place I had in mind is called Kootwijkerzand and it is the largest sand plain in Europe. It’s an absolutely stunning environment and perfect for an interesting picture.

Generally I am not super excited about nature in my country. It is small and not as mind blowing as nature can be in other parts of Europe. But this particular area is and I am happy to share some more pictures. The first picture is a larger view of the sand plain I mentioned above and in the second picture you see my favourite scenery, the heather and grass landscape which borders the sand plain.



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