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It’s duckling time, SALE!

This time of year ducklings are born all around us and that is why the pattern for Jonesy the duckling is on sale this week! (Till the 5th of May). The pattern is easy and quick to crochet and in no time you can make your own brood of ducklings.

Go and get the duckling pattern with a one dollar discount in my shop or in my shop at Ravelry and celebrate spring with ducklings!

yellow crochet duck pattern, duckling.

London, Oxford & pandas

PandasketchIt has been a while since my last entry, that is because I did some exciting things. For a short holiday, we visited London and Oxford and it was wonderful. I’m not that much of a people person and especially London is one of the busiest places in the world to visit, but it was such a great experience. The parks, historical buildings and musea where a delight to see.

I insisted on going to Oxford as well, because I love historical places and Oxford has these dreamy towers and the oldest university of Europe. And because it is only an hour by train and the trip also gives a small glimpse of the ever so beautiful British countryside, it was the perfect opportunity to go. Oxford was stunning.

In London we saw these very cute and cheeky park squirrels and of course much more, below are a few pics.

Now, back to panda crochet. I’ve made a rough sketch and already have finished the head. I’m working on the rest of the panda. In the Natural History Museum in London, we saw the stuffed panda Chi Chi, who was a well known giant panda in London Zoo and died in 1972. It was helpful to see a ‘real’ panda.


Finse and Jonesy’s night of fireflies

night painting forest fireflies

As desktop wallpaper I most often use one of my illustrations. Untill yesterday, my Christmas illustration featured on both my laptop and iPhone desktops, which obviously was becoming outdated. I had many ideas for new illustrations, but didn’t find the time to actually make one. After Jones was finished I decided to skip crocheting for a few weeks to paint a new illustration.

First I thought of making a strictly seasonal spring painting but also had the idea of a big field with fireflies in it. And by all means, it had to become a Son’s Popkes themed illustration. I decided to go for the field with fireflies, and Finse and Jonesy.

When the illustration was finished, I was not happy at all with the result. Somehow the colours didn’t seem right to me. As usual I’m starting to like the illustration now. It is not perfect, but I love the atmosphere and the expressions of the animals. It is probably some kind of an artist syndrome, not liking the result immediately….it always takes time for me to really love what I made and then I’m absolutely proud. It is a weird thing.

Well, now I’m back to crocheting. On a whim I decided I’m going to design a panda. Two leftovers of yarn caught my attention and I decided they had to become a panda. (Hopefully there is enough for the whole beast.) After that I’m back to my list of otter, mole and red panda. I don’t know the order in which I’m going to make them and a rat or mouse also is on my mind.

Enough to be done!

Finse and Jonesy’s night of fireflies is acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 cm.