Monthly Archives: December 2015

A merry popkes Christmas

Snow landscape painting

Howdy how! I wish you all a Christmas full of cheer and a very creative new year. To start the joy, I painted a Christmas card to amuse you all. It is titled ‘Popkes making a Snowpopke’.

My Holiday has just started and I’m going to do what I love doing. Hiking, watching movies and knitting a cardigan, a new hobby I have just discovered. Have fun too dear crafters!

See you in a few weeks.

A lot of Popkes

These two photos I received from enthusiastic crocheters really made me smile. The dolls all are very beautiful made and the pictures are so amusing.

Christine has made many of my patterns, maybe even all of them and she’s incredibly good at it. I especially love how she gives her dolls their own character and uniqueness. For some of them she embroidered the eyes and with a gorgeous result. And this picture is just brilliant.


Heather also made me laugh. I opened her email and tahdah, there were all these amazing looking Lumis! Look at them, aren’t they gorgeous? These also all have a different personality, just look at how she placed all the eyes a bit different. Some close together, others far apart. These arctic foxes make fantastic Christmas presents.


I always enjoy getting pictures from finished dolls, but these two really stood out and I wanted to share them with you. Thanks so much Chris and Heather!