Boeloe, crochet koala bear pattern

Many crafters are making koalas at the moment to give attention to this vulnerable animal that has suffered so much from the fires in Australia. I decided to join them and have designed a beautiful koala amigurumi pattern. This is Boeloe, a super-sweet and vulnerable-looking crochet koala. It really breaks my heart to read and… Continue reading Boeloe, crochet koala bear pattern


New Teddy images

My crochet teddy bear is one of the first crochet patterns I designed. Back then I didn’t create a little studio for photographing my dolls and because of that I never had images of Teddy like the ones I make now. So, I decided to take some new and better images of Teddy. Because my… Continue reading New Teddy images


It’s Halloween!

Unfortunately Halloween is not celebrated in the Netherlands but I always loved to pay some attention to it, mostly by making spooky illustrations and the like. These days of course I design Halloween themed crochet patterns, like Mr. Creeper, that witch hat Teddy is wearing and this year I designed a bat crochet pattern. The… Continue reading It’s Halloween!


New updates

Hi there, here’s an update on the progress of the updates. I am using the word ‘update’ so often these days I’m even dreaming it, lol. But I don’t mind doing it. The lovely thing about updating older patterns is, and I mean the big updates with new pictures and all, is that it reminds… Continue reading New updates


Here you can find all my patters. Scroll down for the freebies. My patterns are written in standard US terms and cost $ 5.99 USD each. If you would like to buy a pattern go to my Ravelry shop, Etsy shop or Love Crafts shop. You can find all my patterns in these shops. The images… Continue reading Patterns