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Paperclip as stitch marker!

This post is about my alternative for a stitch marker, a simple thing. It starts with a story about my opinion on being a good artist. The stitch marker is not really a good example for what I’m saying though, but it fits somehow.

A thing I’ve always believed, is that you don’t need expensive materials to create beautiful things. For instant, when making my drawings and paintings, I always use basic materials. Not the cheapest, that IS mostly crappy, but certainly not the most expensive. Some people claim they can only work with the ‘best’, expensive materials, because that gives them the best results. Really? A good artist can make brilliant things with the most basic stuff. Like a beautiful, touching picture with a mobile phone camera, or a vivid painting with basic paint. It’s all in the mind and moment, and real talent brings it out no matter what you use. It can help you of course, but it isn’t necessary!

Ok, I know, a stitch marker is a kind of different example. It’s not really an expensive material and it doesn’t  have much influence on the end result of an amigurumi. But it is fun to think of a simple alternative for it. When making my first amigurumi, I found out I needed a stitch marker? Never heard of it. What else would come in handy I thought, of course, a paperclip! How simple. I bet I’m not the only one using it as stich marker, and there are other alternatives, like a peace of yarn in a different colour, but I thought this was a good post in my tips  & tricks category.

Always with a picture, here it is, the multifunctional paperclip or paper-clip!

"alternative stitch marker"

Maybe some of you haven’t thought of this yet!

Good night.


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