Here you can find all my patters. Scroll down for the freebies. My patterns are written in standard US terms and cost $ 5.99 USD each. If you would like to buy a pattern go to my Ravelry shop, Etsy shop or Love Crafts shop. You can find all my patterns in these shops. The images below will direct you to my blog posts with lots of information & a direct link to the shop listing, or to the free pattern if you click a freebies image. Below the pattern images you can find an order form which you can use to order a pattern directly from me if you prefer.

Free patterns

If you would like to order one of the patterns or a pattern pack (buy 3 get 4) fill in the attached form to let me know which pattern you would like to buy. I’ll send you a Paypal payment request for that pattern and as soon as I’ve received the payment I will email the pattern to you.

Note: I always respond to a direct order, so if you did not hear from me, make sure you’ve left the correct email adres.

18 thoughts on “Patterns”

  1. I am delighted with the quick, prompt, and friendly service! I tried out the free basket pattern before ordering the Finse rabbit pattern, just to make sure the directions would be easy to follow. The basket worked up extremely fast and has a beautiful shape. I am looking forward to making the rabbit pattern now. What appealing, fun designs!

  2. I have looked through all of your animals, and you have a goft!! You make them whimsical, but believable. I think you are just being hard on yourself as all of us perfectionists do at one time or another!! Just step back for a day or two and do something else. Creative juices will start again. Be kind to yourself!! Keep designing!

    1. Thanks Ginny!

      After I finished the new Floro I’ve gotten my mojo back 😀. I have a lot of new ideas and have a few patterns in mind that need a little makeover like Floro.


  3. The patterns are really clear and easy to follow and the result is so beautiful. It is a great pleasure to use your patterns and recommendations, I can only recommend it to everyone who does crochet!
    I have just finished the marmot and it looks exactly like yours!
    The Lett Lopi yarn is also very nice to work with.

    1. Thanks Sandrine, I am glad you liked the pattern. It is the only one I haven’t updated and you liked it anyway. I love working with lopi too!

  4. Just bought the wolf pattern to make it for a friend! I love the look of your animals! You should totally put out a book sometime!

    1. Haha, thank you Danie, I have thought about that but I like this modern way of working. If I would publish a book, it would be a combination between a children picture book and a pattern book. You know, the patterns to make the animals in the stories. Who knows I will make it someday!

  5. Hi Sonja, it seems to me that you are Dutch. Or are you an American living in Holland? Anyway: I would love these patterns to be in Dutch. Is there any chance you will do this in the near future?

  6. Each and every one of your critters are adorable! I’ve purchased many of them yet haven’t made any yet due to illness BUT they still give me great pleasure knowing the patterns and yarn are waiting for me and until then, I can see all of their sweet little selves right here!

  7. I do love your crocheted critters, so cute and well designed. I’m more of a knitter though. I can crotchet a blanket but that’s it. I’m sure you are planning on inventing more. Good luck xx

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