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Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip to Switzerland. I’m a bit fed up with it but at least it had one bright side. Because we stayed home, my boyfriend saw a cat playing with a mouse in our front yard. He ran out, chased of the cat end grabbed the little mouse. The little fellow was completely in shock. We took him inside to see if he looked okay enough to put him back outside and he seemed to be. So we let him free in our, ‘cat-less’ backyard, at a sunny and sheltered spot so he could dry. He was covered with cat drool. Here’s a picture of him. (I love rodents so of course we took a picture of him)

"rosse woelmuis"

In this picture his back looks a bit strange but it was okay. He was very scared and not sitting comfortable. On the outside it’s hard to see if the mouse had internal injuries, but seeing how he moved and acted it looked good. And, after a few hours he was gone! He survived a cat attack, let’s hope he lives to be an old little mouse! He’s a dwergmuis, dwarf mouse in English?

Now, back to crochet for the next post!


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