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What I like for my amigurumi

My new projects, including the mouse, will probably have this inside:

Pipe cleaners. Why? Well, I really love to make artistic photo’s of my crochet dolls, like the one of Teddy a few posts back. But most of the dolls I’ve made so far are a bit ‘stiff’, I can’t really let them pose properly. They can just stand or sit or whatever, but I can’t really let them hug a tree or something.

Pipe cleaners are soft, light and very flexible. You can bend them as often as you like, so they are perfectly suitable to create movable arms, legs and necks for crochet animals. If you want your ami’s to be able to ‘move’, I would recommend them together with light stuffing. That way you’ll have a very flexible fluffy friend.

p.s. That painting is finished! I know this is my crochet blog….

It’s called ‘Water Friends’ and I made it after a good memory.

But back to crochet, I hope this pipe cleaner thing will be helpful.


4 thoughts on “What I like for my amigurumi”

  1. Thanks for posting the image of your painting and the mouse sketches. I’m looking forward to the finished friend of the forest. (Your yarn colors look wonderful as usual.) Love the photo of the lop looking up! A sweetie!

    1. Thanks Ingrid! It always costs me some effort to find the right colours, I think the colours are very important and make the doll a ‘son’s popke’. Everyone has their own ‘colour local’ I think, the colours that kind of belong to you. You probably have yours too when you make those nice bracelets.

      And thanks for the other compliments! I hope I’ll have the forest mouse done before I go on holiday.

      Have a nice day!

      1. I think some of your photos of your amigurumi would be a great as cards (or art prints?) for your store…
        Enjoy your holiday!

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