Son’s fox

My next project will be a crochet fox, not a Starfox this time, but a Son’s fox. Foxes are one of my favourite animals, and still I haven’t made one, a real one that is.

It took me quite a while to design the fox, because it was a bit difficult to choose the style. Should he have realistic proportions, standing on four paws, or should he be more doll-ish. I’ve made a bunch of sketches and decided to go for doll-ish.

Why? I really don’t like crochet dolls that look like a statue. I would love my fox to be flexible and playful, so he can sit on the couch or sleep all stretched out next to a pillow. Some people will make a crochet doll to decorate their side table or bookcase. It would be just lovely if you can change his position. One week he’s sitting, the next he’s hugging a vase or leaning against a lamb, it makes him alive and gives you a laugh, well, me for one.

I hope, that when he’s finished, I can post some pictures of him in different positions and places, that would be cool. But here’s the sketch for now.

He looks a bit basic maybe, but when I picture him in fuzzy wool I love him already. I can choose the orange I used for Starfox, but I think I’ll go for a darker, more rust colour. A bit too dark for a real fox, but I think I like that more for my fox. That same rust colour I’ll use for another upcoming project, a squirrel…..


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