I thought I was finished…

Today I finished, or at least I thought so, my little fox. But when I had sewed the parts together I wasn’t completely happy with the result. He looks beautiful, but something isn’t right. This is a first time thing. Normally I notice these imperfections when I pin a doll together, but this time it looked all right.

What is wrong? He looks a bit too long I think, or his head is just a tiny bit too small. I decided I’m going to make slightly smaller feet and body (which I already made about 6 times to get this one…oh dear). That way he should come out perfectly. Some of my friends saw him today and thought he looked great, but as long as I’m not satisfied myself I can’t rest….He must by perfect.

Here’s his face before I sewed it. That was a bit of a struggle also, because it came out smaller when sewed together.

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