Chit and Chat

A winter update

It’s almost Christmas and I like it. So do the Popkes as you can see. I was going to make a free Christmas pattern, but unfortunately I don’t have time for it….

Since November I’m working on a big assignment, I’m making illustrations for a children’s book. It’s absolutely a great and I love the story of the book and the drawings I can make for it, it suits me perfect and I’m still very glad the writer found my work! But because of that I just don’t have enough time for a Christmas pattern.

More patterns will come though, even when I have to draw a lot, I will make time for new crochet animals. In the upcoming Christmas holiday I’m going to make a crochet dog. I’m more a cat person than a dog person, but I’ve got this great idea for a doggy, inspired by my boyfriends first pluche doll ever. I’m looking forward to make him.

When the book is finished I will post some illustrations at my website and the sketch of the doggy will be here soon!

Have a nice week, Sonja.


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