I’m taking a break

Hi everybody,

It has been awfully silence here I know. Since I’m home from a wonderful holiday to the UK (Lake District and more national parks), which I will tell all about later, I am not feeling myself. I’m struck with an ear infection and utter exhaustion from lack of sleep. I must eat to feel better, but eating itself makes me feel nauseous, not a very handy combo….Between my downs every day, I try to answer mails etc. but that’s about it. I’m not feeling like crocheting at all.

I was going to design a rhino pattern after my holiday and after seeing an utterly adorable puffin at the Bempton cliffs in the UK, I postponed that rhino and looked very much forward to designing a crochet puffin. But at the moment that’s not going to happen. Things will get better. I’m not the kind of person to go and talk about my health online, but do want to give this update as my blog seems to have fallen silent. As soon as I’m feeling my old self again I will post a more happy update here!


This is pretty much my current state, lol. This was me last week in the UK, at the famous church yard of Grantchester.

See you soon fellow crocheters.

12 thoughts on “I’m taking a break”

  1. Oh poor Sonja… I do hope you’ll feel much better after a good rest. No rush to start again though of course your Ravelry Popkemaniacs will miss you πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Oow, thank you Chris! Your heartwarming Popkes get well card really cheered me up, I saved it to my harddrive, it was really the sweetest thing πŸ™‚

      See you all soon.

  2. Dear Sonja, that’s the way I feel when I have the winter blues, totally exhausted, and just want to sleep all day long. Maybe you should think about designing a wee fantasy creature that sums up the way you feel right now. A troll, or a gnome, something will pop out of your head. Take care of yourself, and hope you feel better in time. With love, Karen.

    1. Thanks so much Karen. Animals do make me most happy and I’m really looking forward to making that cute puffin. The silly thing is, only now late in the evening I feel okay, in the morning all hungry and weird again. Let’s hope tomorrow’s better.

  3. Aww dear one – do take care and we will all look forward to seeing something lovely and fun from you soon! Rest, relaxation, good food, and coloring – that will do it!! Be good to yourself dear.

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