A popkes village

Last week a dear crocheter told me about the big project she was engrossed in with my patterns. For her granddaughter, she made a complete mouse family in a lovely handmade village, with other animals to accompany them. She took the animals outside, made pictures and put them all in a book for her granddaughter. That is one lucky girl to have such a creative grandmother!

I was very curious how it all looked so I asked her if I could see some pictures. She emailed me one of the village. When I saw the picture I had to write a post about what she made. The little village looks fantastic, so beautiful made, the little tree house and picknick site and the gorgeous animals. For me it is so wonderful to see how my designs come alive in this little fantasy world for children to play with. Just look at it!


Just fabulous, you did an amazing job Lesley!

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