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A merry popkes Christmas

Snow landscape painting

Howdy how! I wish you all a Christmas full of cheer and a very creative new year. To start the joy, I painted a Christmas card to amuse you all. It is titled ‘Popkes making a Snowpopke’.

My Holiday has just started and I’m going to do what I love doing. Hiking, watching movies and knitting a cardigan, a new hobby I have just discovered. Have fun too dear crafters!

See you in a few weeks.

14 thoughts on “A merry popkes Christmas”

  1. And a very merry Christmas to you too Sonja! Thank you for this delightful painting – I see Finse can’t be trusted with the snowpopke’s nose!

  2. I love the Christmas card Sonja. Have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for all the pleasure that your little Popke creations have given us all this past year. Enjoy your Christmas break.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Sonja, and to all the fellow popke-crocheters. Love the card! Thanks for bringing all this popke joy into our lives!

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