Popkes Artwork

This page contains a portfolio of all the Son’s Popkes themed illustrations I’ve made. By making the illustrations, I can let my crochet characters come alive in a fairy tale world and I absolutely love being able to do that and to share it here.

Snow landscape painting      Tiger painting

christmas illustration, painting animals      Floro and Finse's wondrous autumn

night painting forest fireflies      Featured


8 thoughts on “Popkes Artwork”

  1. i just have to say that i LOVE your work. Your illustrations are just….perfectly wonderful!!! they truly make me smile and warm my heart. I think your illustrations and crochet animals would make the CUTEST children’s book. I can just imagine the adventures these cuties would go on. I love also your crochet animals!!! i will be buying patterns to create all of these. I’m new tot he crochet world, but this motivates me to perfect the craft and start on making these for everyone i know. who wouldn’t love one of these as a gift…no matter the age. I can’t wait to see what else you might come up with in the future. I know i saw somewhere in the comments that you don’t sell your finished animals, but do you sell prints of your illustrations?

    1. Hi Monica, thank you so much for your delightful and encouraging comment. It really feels wonderful when someone says something like you just did. What you describe is exactly what I try to achieve with my illustrations. To give the viewer a smile on their face and to make them curious for more adventures. I’ve always dreamed about publishing a children’s picture book, but it never worked out. I just love what I do now even more, designing crochet animal patterns, and combining it with making these illustrations is so much fun. Sometimes I do fantasize about selling the illustrations as postcards, but I first want to make more.

      It is lovely to hear you want to make the animals as gifts for you loved ones. If you are new to crocheting, just try some of my free patterns to learn it. My animals aren’t much more complicated to make than those.

      Thanks again for your comment, you made me feel happy and proud. Have a wonderful New Year, warmest regards, Sonja.

  2. Hi, what a lovely scene of works.. Both illustrations and crocheted animals they are adorable. After seing your illustrations and your process of sketching,colouring and crotcheting I loved them more. I am making a research about amigurumi and crochet if you dont mind I want to refer you and share some of your crocheted works in my thesis with your permission.

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