Colourwork, Tips & Tricks

Changing colour

Most of my crochet animals are made in multiple colours. So, changing colour is something you’ll need to do often when making one of my patterns.

How to do it?

1. Always change colour in the last loop of a stitch, so the loop on the hook you end with, is the new colour. Not the stitch in which you changed colour will have the new colour but the next one. In terms of crochet, if it says ‘change colour in the 5th stitch’, the 6th stitch is in the new colour. This way you get the neatest result.

This image is an example of how the round ‘sc in the next 6, s2tog, sc in the next 12 = 19 (change colour to B in 5th, to MB in 9th)’ looks like in stitches.


2. I never cut the yarn between the colour changes but leave it where I change. When I’m back to using that colour, I take the thread and make sure it is at least as long as the row of stitches in the new colour, so there won’t be any tension on the thread in the inside of the piece, but it is gently placed to the side. Make sure the thread is not too short, your piece has to stay flexible enough, you don’t want it pulling together.

This all means that sometimes there are several skeins of yarn attached to your project. If you don’t like that, you can cut the yarn every time you change colour, but I just don’t have the patience for it and also prefer the result you get when you don’t cut the yarn. I added an image to illustrate how it looks.

crochet color change