The chubby badger sketch

This week I made a bunch of sketches and showed them to my boyfriend. He said ‘that one’, I agreed. This is the crochet badger I have in mind. A sweet and cute looking, chubby little badger.

BadgersketchI’ve been thinking much about how to do the colour changes for this badgers head. Should I crochet in two colours right away, so the dark stripes are worked into the design, or should I add the dark stripes later as patches. It’s an issue. Working in two colours usually would have my preference and sewing on patches I sometimes consider as ‘the easy way’ to get a two coloured animal. But, I also think worked in colour changes aren’t an end in itself, and if it limits the design, sewed on patches aren’t such a bad choice.

To me the character and expression of the animal is the most important goal. It’s a matter of experimenting to get it right. For example, Floro the red squirrel needed to have a beige nose. In order to try it out, I added a beige patch to a finished head, just to see how the two colours looked together. But by doing that I noticed the added patch gave the squirrel just the right little muzzle. A worked in beige colour nose didn’t add that bit of character, so I choose to use a patch. As for the eyes it’s the same thing. To me a worked in eyepatch isn’t round enough so I prefer to use a patch. Sizing it is much easier too.

For the badger I’ll try to work in the colours and I already decided to work in rows for that, because if I crochet in a spiral, the vertical stripes will be impossible to get. If the worked in stripes won’t look good, I’ll use patches. Secretly I think for a badger, sewed on patches will give the best result for what I want, but let’s wait and see.

Let’s hope the crochet badger will be much like this sketch, then I love him already!



The sloppy sketch

Sloppy-sketchF0r a while now I’m working on the crochet red squirrel pattern, in my head and on paper that is, and I decided to post this sloppy sketch. I can’t get a clear representation in my head of how I want the squirrel to look. I have ideas, but am not sure it will work out in crochet. I tried to make the perfect example drawing but I’m just not able to because of these little doubts.

My boyfriend commented on the drawings, about them being too serious and said: ‘draw the kind of squirrel you see, without the hips and realistic features’. So, I drew this sloppy sketch in a few seconds and it’s the best image of the idea in my head, funny how it works….

I’m just going to start crocheting the squirrel now, based on my ideas. My squirrel has to become a lively fellow, not the sitting kind you see all around. That is the typical squirrel position, but to me squirrels are lively, speedy, wild little beasties. I know my popkes don’t look particularly wild and speedy, but they are lively. The squirrel will have that doll-ish feature, but has to be an original addition. I’m always careful to not make my popkes to similar, they have to represent the animal they are and be original at the same time. The doll shape however has my preference for that, because it makes the animals flexible.

Let’s see what happens!