It turns out….

I’m making two lop rabbit patterns! You know it’s funny how the design process goes. I planned to make one better version lop rabbit, but that didn’t go the way I planned to. Whatever I’ve tried so far, it doesn’t look better than Boefje.

The new head looks great though, except when I attach it to the body. But I can’t just let the head go. It’s a sweet little bunny face that needs a body. So another kind of doll popped into my mind. This head asks for a more cartoon-ish body, like the bears, but with big flat bunny feet.

Designing stuffed animals can be a bit unpredictable sometimes. The sketches seem clear enough, but if it doesn’t work out in crochet I need to change plans, this time with a nice advantage. For the realistic lop rabbit I’ve found a solution too.


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