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Kitty cat crochet

There are so many idea’s I have, and each time I start a new project I have to pick which one I’m going to make. A squirrel and a sheep are hight on my list, but I also would like to make a cat. Sometimes the things on my list haven’t really ‘formed’ in my mind, so the idea that has, gets priority. This time the cat got it. There’s a clear image in my mind of how he should become and his colours etc. so I can’t wait to make him.

Here’s a sketch. He will be a ‘folded’ kitty.


2 thoughts on “Kitty cat crochet”

  1. This is exciting. I think your patterns are very cute and I loooooove cats. I am looking forward to seeing this cat take shape.

    Thank you for sharing,

    1. Hi Elena-Jane,

      Thanks! I’ll post some pictures of the process than!

      I went to visit your blog and saw you lived in Scotland. I love Scotland, just watched Autumwatch this week and decided to go to Scotland next autumn. We wanted to go this autumn but didn’t….now I regret it!

      You make cute doll clothing too.

      Regards, Sonja.

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