Personal use only

This weekend I got an email from someone, asking me if  I was okay with selling dolls made with my pattern. I was glad she asked me this, because I had to respond to her that I wasn’t okay with it.

I know some crochet character designers don’t mind it if people sell the dolls made with their pattern. But I do mind. I think it’s not fair to sell a doll which you didn’t design yourself. You are making money of someone’s else creations in some way. It’s not a very decent thing to do in my opinion.
Now I also know that when someone bought a pattern, they can do whatever they want with it, I can’t forbid anything. But I just hope ‘my customers’ understand my opinion about this and won’t sell the dolls.
In all my patters I’ll make a note that they are for personal use only, so for yourself or as a present, but not to make money with.
I hope you’ll understand.


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