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…I find one of the more challenging bits of creating a new crochet doll. When I design a ‘popke’, the last stadium is pinning everything on to see if all the proportions are definite. And when I decide they are, it means that how it looks that moment, is quite perfect to me. But because all the parts are not completely finished, they might need to be adjusted , they aren’t ready to be sewed on and I have to take them off again to finish them with slip stitches etc.

And this is the stadium I’m in with the dog at this very moment. It’s a bit scary now to take the body parts off, because I’m afraid I can’t get them at those perfect spots the time I re-pin them for sewing….Well, I’ve market the spots as good as possible so let’s get it done!

Tomorrow I’ll write down the pattern and take some good pictures, so he will be here shortly after that.


4 thoughts on “Attaching…”

  1. Boy do I ever understand exactly what you mean! I will crochet something and get all excited when I pin it together and then I sew it and something will be slightly off. Drives me insane.

  2. Yeah! It’s so frustrating. So I’m not the only one getting insane every now and then.

    When I made the Fox, he looked so good with the muzzle pinned on, but when I finally sewed it on to finish the doll, the head suddenly looked too small….aargh, it looked so different. But, in the end we always get it right don’t we. And a crochet doll is a piece of art, craftsmanship, so it can’t be totally Semitic etc. and that’s what gives it character.

    The attaching of the dog went well and he’s finished, woof.

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