patroon gehaakte hond

Sjuffel, crochet dog pattern

This has become the favourite crochet animal I’ve made so far. It’s always a challenge to bring the sketch to life and this time I like the finished dog better than the sketch. He’s just such a sturdy looking dog when standing up, and laying flat he’s a sweet stuffed little doggy friend. I’ve made a beagle haven’t I?

This crochet pattern is very versatile and still easy to crochet. The dog can both stand up and lay down, which makes him very lively. I also added examples of different colour options, so everyone can make the kind of dog he likes, using my examples or creating their own colour scheme.

patroon gehaakte hond, crochet dog pattern

You can find the pattern for this crochet dog in my shop and in my Ravelry shop. You can also order it directly from me hereThe dog is 7,9 inch / 20 cm long. He’s made with my favorite Icelandic fuzzy yarn. When using pipe cleaners you will be sure the dog will be steady when standing up and perfectly flat when laying down. Without the use of cleaners he’ll need a bit more help to stand good and lay nice, but he still can do it. The crochet dog pattern is written in standard American crochet terms. It contains clear instructions and many example pictures.

patroon gehaakte hond, crochet dog pattern

This crochet dog looks very different standing than flat. The flat one makes a good baby toy, the standing dog is more grown up.

Flatdog, amigurumi dog


I hope everyone who was looking forward to this patterns likes what he sees!

My dog amigurumi is called Sjuffel after the basset hound puppy we had shortly when I was a kid. My father and I really, really loved dogs but my mum was a bit scared of them, but a basset hound she found the least scary. They made an arrangement with a kennel so we could have a dog puppy for ‘trial’ and if she still would be too uncomfy, we could bring him back. A silly thing to do in some way, because I immediately got attached to Sjuffel and loved him and was sad when he was gone. But I am glad we did have him! Even though it was short, it was fun. Now I have this crochet Sjuffel.


3 thoughts on “Sjuffel, crochet dog pattern”

  1. Hi Sonja, your Sjuffel is really endearing! (Is “Sj” in Dutch anything like the “sj” sound in Swedish? In Swedish it represents a rather snuffly sound, really nice for a beagle’s name.)

  2. Hi Ingrid, nice to hear from you :).
    I’m not sure my ‘sj’ is like the Swedish. Sjuffel in Dutch actually is pronounced the same as shuffle in English. But when I was little I just wrote down the ‘sj’.

  3. I love this dog. You can crochet him in so many different colors. All I need is to find a decent store that sells the correct wool and where I live it is becoming a quest to find a decent store.

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