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This is ultimate!

Yarn Yoshi

In the new Yoshi game for the Wii U, called Yarn Yoshi, Yoshi is an actual crochet doll. That’s so utterly cool! Look at it, everything is made of yarn, fabric and sewed felt patches. I love it, it looks so artistic and makes you feel all fuzzy. I wasn’t going to buy a Wii U, but this might change my mind about that.

I very much like the fact the designers of this game, combined modern technology with traditional craft. And it’s good news for crochet character designers too, because this game can make amigurumi and crochet dolls even more popular and give it a bigger audience. Way to go Nintendo!


4 thoughts on “This is ultimate!”

  1. THAT is really awesome and I look forward to crocheting him in the near future when a pattern becomes available.

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