Chit and Chat

Sorry for the confusion…

My header and blog icon has changed again. There are a few reasons for that change.

First of all, I missed my happy cat! Another important reason is, when I started using Flam the fox as my ‘logo’,  it didn’t feel right. Suddenly I realized that having a neutral icon is better than an existing doll. Especially when someone bought a Flam the fox pattern, it made me doubt my decision.

Also, I got some feedback form people whose opinion I value, who liked the cat better.

The funny thing is, I had to make the change before I realized this, because I was convinced I needed and existing doll as icon. Now it’s all good.

Thanks for understanding this silliness.

p.s. The sheep head is finished and he’s all cuddly, hehe.


4 thoughts on “Sorry for the confusion…”

  1. I’m also happy to see happy cat et al, but feel a little guilty! If you ever change something like this of course many old readers will not like it, it’s human nature, so at some point when you really want to change, just steel yourself to resist our little nags and complaints!
    In the meantime, thanks from me, too!

    1. Hi Ingrid, please do not feel guilty! It absolutely was my own decision. What made ​​the difference was what I said, when someone bought a fox pattern, it suddenly felt to me like they where going to make my ‘mascot’. I was afraid some people would feel that way. That made me realize a more neutral icon etc was much better.

      I’m sure I will change things in the future, but for now I’m very pleased with my new installed cat. I still think the fox is more original, but the cat just works better.


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