Chit and Chat


SheepThe next animal I will make in crochet is a sheep. Fits spring I think. I’ve made a simple sketch of how the sheep should look, but some things I have to decide while making him. Like will the head have wool on it and also will the arms and legs have wool on them? I’m not sure yet, looks good in the sketch but I’m not sure it will also look good on the actual doll. So that’ll be a surprise 🙂

I hope I’ll have him finished in about two weeks. Past week I was working on my Sons Popkes business card, something I didn’t have yet. The card gave me more trouble than I expected, because I had a hard time deciding which one to use….I made a few. I now have an email signature card with Flam on it, like my blog icon. My Dutch card has an image of Finse on it and the international card has Trin on it.

The card is finished now so I can put my full attention back to crocheting. I’m back here later this week with a post about shaping amigurumi’s.


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