For wildlife lovers….

I’ve just discovered a very useful source of great inspiration for badger crochet: Simon King’s badger fox feeder cam. It’s absolutely amazing, you can see badgers, sometimes eight at a time, eating and playing live! It’s almost like your there. Foxes visit too. Look at this!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 00.45.50

I already got a lot of good info about badger features because of this cam. I never realized a badgers head is dark at the bottom. A bit silly because it’s quite logical, but you just don’t see it in most badger pics and I was too focused on the dark stripes of the face. This unfortunately did meant I had to make another head. It’s finished now though.

Enjoy the cams! I’ve spotted the badgers from around 9.30 PM till late in the night, European time.


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