A little too late

Marmot2A while ago, someone suggested that I should make a marmot. I agreed with her and already had thought of making an Alp marmot. It was after my vacation to Switzerland, where I had seen and heard, many of these adorable little fellows.

However, I never actually got to making one, because I simply had other animals in mind to make first and was not quite confident about the shape I should give a crochet marmot. I decided to wait until the period around Groundhog day, which I thought to be somewhere in the end of February or begin March. I should have Googled it.

Last week I discovered it is Groundhog day the 2nd of Februari, oops. Nevertheless, I am working on a marmot pattern at this very moment. I’ve already made some sketches and picked suitable yarn colours. There is one dilemma though, I don’t know what kind of marmot I am going to make, in colour that is. There is the Alp marmot, the woodchuck, the groundhog and my favourite but more uncommon variation, the Vancouver Island marmot with its bear-ish appearance.Marmot1

The Vancouver Island marmot is an endangered species and has beautiful┬áchocolate brown fur and contrasting white patches. I think he’s absolutely stunning, but I am afraid many people won’t immediately recognize my crochet version of one to be a marmot. So I think I will stick to a more traditional coloured marmot and make the chocolate brown coloured one for myself.

Here are some pictures of this lovely animal. The first picture I have found online and in it you see the stunning Vancouver Island marmot. Look at him, what an absolute beauty! The second picture is made by my boyfriend. This marmot we encountered in Switzerland at the Abula pass. When we passed him after we had just started our hike, he quickly fled into his hole, which led into a cold war shelter. When he called out to warn his friends, he made our ears ring. Anyway, we knew where he was, so on our way back, we silently approached his little territorium and there he was. We quickly took his picture, he fled into his little dug out again and made our ears ring some more. We enjoyed ourselves very much.


Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 17.18.22

This post is a bit longer than I had anticipated and I hope you enjoyed reading it.



For wildlife lovers….

I’ve just discovered a very useful source of great inspiration for badger crochet: Simon King’s badger fox feeder cam. It’s absolutely amazing, you can see badgers, sometimes eight at a time, eating and playing live! It’s almost like your there. Foxes visit too. Look at this!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 00.45.50

I already got a lot of good info about badger features because of this cam. I never realized a badgers head is dark at the bottom. A bit silly because it’s quite logical, but you just don’t see it in most badger pics and I was too focused on the dark stripes of the face. This unfortunately did meant I had to make another head. It’s finished now though.

Enjoy the cams! I’ve spotted the badgers from around 9.30 PM till late in the night, European time.


Chit and Chat

Squirrels encountered by me

The crochet red squirrel pattern is beginning to take shape. I’m very glad it is, because I was a bit worried.

And here are some high quality, beautiful pictures of red squirrels I took. Well, maybe two, or one….Enjoy.


These pictures could have been so beautiful! But, it’s not about the pictures, I loved watching these squirrels and the pictures are just blurry reminders of those moments.

Now back to the crochet version!

*EDIT* I just tweeted a first prototype image of the crochet red squirrel head.