A new project

This time I’m going to make a hedgehog. I’ve thought much about how to give him a prickly appearance and still I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

There are two options I consider. The first is simple, brushing. If I’ll get the features right and you see clearly it’s a hedgehog, brushing is a good option and easy to do for everyone who’s going to make him. My second option is using a loop stitch and a mixed colour yarn for the spikes. I’ve never done a loop stitch and I have no idea what it will look like. Also, it’s a small risk to use this for a pattern, because it can hold people back from trying to make the hedgehog, because he might look too difficult. I absolutely think the end result is most important, but I have to keep in mind I design my animals so other people can make them too.

Well, I’ll try out both things, and first I must find a suitable mixed yarn. If that’s too hard to find, option two is ‘out’ already.

Enough text! Here’s the sketch. I just made one and loved him right away.

hedgehog sketch

Sometimes I make ten sketches for a doll and still I’m not satisfied, this one was enough, how that works, I honestly don’t know.


4 thoughts on “A new project”

  1. Hi Sonja, I am excited to see you planning yet another project.

    I can see that the hedgehog will pose a unique challenge because of his fur. Have you been considering to use a specialty yarn, in addition to your beloved wool yarn? I have never crotchet with a specialty yarn, but I did a lot of knitting with specialty yarns. Often you can add them to your yarn to great effect. In your specifc case, fur yarns would probably be a great option.

    I know it is against your principles in using wool. 😉

    1. Hi Sonja,

      Today I actually did some testing with yarns. I’m not satisfied yet with the result. I also tried the loop stitch but then the loops will form in the inside of the head, I don’t want to have the ‘wrong’ side up, so I doubt the loop stitch will be it.
      (I did all this with a bandaged thumb….my guinea pig had mistaken it for the carrot I was feeding him….they have really sharp teeth!!)

      It’s not really against my principle to use another kind of yarn, for Balloo the sheep I used a mixed yarn because it made a better fur. For the hedgehog I could use an eyelash yarn, but I’m not really fond of those….is there a specific type of yarn you’re thinking about?

      1. I was thinking of any fur yarn. I don’t know which ones are available in your home country.

        Something like this one in black and white would probably look very fancy if you add them to your wool yarn (I would not use it alone):

        Regardless of where your crochet loops are (inside or outside), they will likely look too round and not give that sharp needle impression that we all have from a hedgehog. Or so I imagine.

        …Sorry to hear that your guinea pig thought that your finger was food… He should apologize…

      2. Those do look better then the usual eyelash yarn. And I never considered using them together with a wool. So thanks!

        I do have to admit my preference goes to using my regular yarn and make the hedgehog look like a hedgehog by getting the right shape and features. That without the spiky, prickly appearance, you clearly can see it’s a h.hog right away.
        Like this knitted hog:

        Very different then my hog will look like, but simple. I like him.

        Thanks for your tip! And, my piggy did not apologize…just wanted more carrot.

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