Popkes by you, Happy New Year!

The new year has begun and I want to start it here at Son’s Popkes with a fun and inspiring post, dedicated to all of you who enjoyed and made my patterns. I proudly present a gallery full of pictures of the beautiful animals you all made. This post was a lot of fun to make and I did feel proud myself when I looked at all these lovely dolls. Cheers to your work!

When you click on the picture you can see who made the doll and find their site or blog if they have one. These dolls are made with my patterns, but each and every one of them has its own character. They all have a uniqueness to them, added by the person who made the doll. Something extra and personal which I really love seeing.

I also would like to give a bit of extra attention to Joanne from the United Kingdom, who bought all my patterns and made these lovely versions of them. Look at this, what an awesome bunch!


With this post I want to thank you for your support! There will be lots of new patterns this upcoming year and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as you’ve enjoyed these patterns. I wish you a fabulous and crafty 2014!


5 thoughts on “Popkes by you, Happy New Year!”

  1. Thank you so much for including my version of Flam the Fox in your New Years lineup! I so enjoyed looking at all the beautiful work done by other crocheters over this past year. I’m hoping to make many more “critters” in 2014! A happy and healthy New Year to all!

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