And the sketch

DoggyThis is close to how I see my doggy. Rustic looking and playfull. My boyfriend said he looked a little like a stray dog. Does he? He might, I know, I like non-purebred mongrel looking dogs. They often just look a little bit more natural and silly than their pure-bred cousins, with a few exceptions of course. But all the same, like Gabriele, I fur sure love dogs with a more natural, wolf-ish look. And oh yes, my sketched dog looks exactly like a wolf now does he?!

I might have a problem though, knowing my first dog pattern was not at all a succes. Rhonda told me in a comment and I quote her ‘according to Lin Wellford, who has written books about painting animals on rocks, people who love cats are happy with any sort of artwork depicting a cat, but dog-lovers usually only want their specific breed.’ So therefor, I probably won’t satisfy the hearts of dog lovers with this dog either. I especially prefer a dog doll which doesn’t look a certain breed, exactly because I thought that would please everyone who love dogs and not just a few who like that breed. More being a cat person, I pretty much like any sort of artwork depicting animals and it never really occurred to me dog lovers could be more specific. But they probably are.

Let’s just hope for the best. Kids will like him for sure. Maybe their parents will be a bit more particular, but who knows, maybe this dog will steal any dog lovers heart, he is a dog after all.

Now let’s make him first….

22 thoughts on “And the sketch”

  1. Hi Sonja!
    I am a cat lover, through and through, but I can’t resist any cute crochet animal and they don’t come much cuter than a Sonja-designed Popke, so I know that your little doggy will melt all our hearts. Your sketch is adorable and even if he is a mongrel, he will be a very special little mongrel. I might even crochet him a dog bowl and bone! xx

  2. Your dog has already stolen my heart, I am looking forward to when you release the pattern
    Kindest regards 🙂

  3. Oh Sonja, you’ve done it again. He’s gorgeous! Looks just like a little stray mongrel in need of a loving home – who could resist? I think I must have been subconsciously waiting for you to design a dog with “arms” and legs that can sit, in your familiar, signature style. And now you have! (All the Popkes do so love to sit round together in a circle and chat.)

    When you think of it, dogs can come in all sorts of wildly different shapes and styles but cats are almost all the same recognisable “cat” shape – only the size varies. That might explain why it’s harder to please dog-lovers. This darling little mongrel will surely appeal to anyone who loves dogs of any kind 🙂

    1. I think you’re right Chris, cats do look all the same except for details. Imagine a very huge cat the size of a dog and a small one the size of a rabbit.

  4. He’s very cute, and looks ready to join the other popkes in their popke world. Can’t wait to see the finished doggie!

  5. He is adorable. I Can do him in brown, white accents and floppy ears and he will be my Mr. Spock – a standard parti poodle.

  6. I’ve lived with 5 over the years and each very different from each other in look and in temperament. I love all dogs, yours included :).
    Actually I will admit that I did some mix-matching of your fox and wolf patterns and using the colours of my real life german shepherd, I have already made a Popkes dog as a gift for someone :D. I’ll look forward to this one too.

  7. I am relatively new to crochet toys and to your web but I (and my friends) have fallen in love with your Pokes. I have recently done two badgers and reluctantly given them to friends. The next one is MINE!
    I love mongrels and apart from one or two King Charles spaniels, have always rehomed rescue dogs which are of strange mixes breeds, but all have been sweet and loyal.Therefore your pattern will be just up mine (and I am sure Many other dog lovers ) my street..
    I will be ordering more of your patterns – next is the badger- mascot of my football club!
    I think what you do is amazing.

  8. Hehe, I just image googled ‘mongrel’. You see the most hilarious looking dogs between the results. There’s one of a ‘small ridiculous mongrel’. I want that one 🙂

  9. That’s really cool! I love him!
    It’s not very wolflike, but I’m sure any dog lover will… ehm, love it!
    It also will be a great present for a dog lover I know, so…
    You already have one buyer!

    1. That’s great Gabriele, I’ll keep you to that promise lol, even if this will be the most and utter failed one I ever make. (Which probably won’t be the case, I do have faith in my own abilities, but you never know.)

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