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How to do the reversed loop stitch (rls)

In this video I am showing you how to do the reversed loop stitch. I modified the loop stitch to this version, so the loops will form on the outside/ right side of the work, instead of on the inside/ wrong side of the work like with the normal loop stitch.

The loop stitch offers a lovely texture, and is a handy method to create long hair. If you cut the loops and brush them, you can create hair as long as you like. But when you do the regular loop stitch for amigurumi, you’ll have to turn the work inside out to have the loops at the front of your animal, but that also means you see the wrong side of the stitches for the parts there aren’t any loops. I didn’t like that, and wanted to have the right side of the stitches up, with loops on that side. So I experimented and came up with this stitch.

I already made a photo tutorial for in the patterns, but I know many of you prefer a video. So here it is!

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