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How to work around a chain

This is my first instruction video! I need to improve my filming skills, because the piece is not always in the centre of the video, but it works for now.

I regularly get questions about how I work around a chain, so now you can finally see how I do it.

This video shows how to work around a chain of 4, which I often use to create the muzzles of my crochet animals. This is what you read in the pattern:

ch of 4. In 2nd ch from hook 2 sc, sc in next, 2 sc in last, turn. 2 sc in bottom loop of that last, sc in next, 2 sc in next = 10

I hope this video helped you learn this skill. If you have any tips for my tutorial videos, or would like to request one, please let me know, I would love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “How to work around a chain”

  1. about to start my first attempt at one of your amazing patterns…im struggling to buy lett lopi yarn.. can you suggest any alternatives please?

    1. Try to find something fuzzy, a 100% wool. Lopi is a tickly kind of yarn if you wear it, so not soft and flexible. If you can’t find anything fuzzy enough, you can work doubled with a strand of a mohair blend like Drops Kid-Silk.

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