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Some changes

When I started Son’s Popkes, I hadn’t designed that much crochet patterns yet, but I wanted a cheerful header with ‘popkes’ in it. I made some illustrations of dolls I had made and one of a doll I was sure I was going to make. The cat that was. But I’ve never made such a cat and don’t feel like making that one either….

I think it’s better to only have illustrations in my header of dolls I’ve actually made, and now I had enough to do so. Especially Finse needed to be in it. Because the cat is out of the header now, it was strange to keep him as blog icon, so I choose another appropriate doll for that, and Flam is now my new blog icon.

It does feels a bit strange to remove my happy cat. I associated him with my bog….I’ve always known I was going to do it, but still. I can always change it back….

Here’s a little image to remember him.


2 thoughts on “Some changes”

  1. I haven’t had time to visit your blog enough lately–I love the recent photos, esp the portrait of Finse with your mother’s teddy, and of Grizzly! Also the beautiful drawing of your new sheep…But I will really miss your old header picture and that wonderful happy cat…I hope someday after you have made so many popkes that they do not all fit on one header maybe then you will consider bringing the old one back! to me, it was ‘lighter’ somehow, had more of an imaginary feel of your ideas about creating, whereas this one is a bit more ‘concrete’ since it is of actual finished (and adorable!) popkes.

    1. Hi Ingrid, nice to see you.

      And thank you for your thorough comment. I think I feel the same way about my header change as you. But I also had the urge to match everything. I made business cards with animals on them from my header and because I never made the cat I decided it would be confusing to keep him there. I love my cat but I also think he’s a bit too common, an often used animal. He’s not really ‘me’, the fox feels more like me.

      Notwithstanding, I’m still not sure what to do, maybe I’ll change it back….

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