6 thoughts on “Working around a chain”

  1. Totally agree. I’m a new convert to Lopi yarn and it is PERFECT for your designs. As you say, it’s rustic, natural and the ideal medium for your designs. I agree to be careful handling it though as it’s not too tightly spun and can break if you pull too hard. The range of colours is beautiful and a ball of the wool unmade into anything is a thing of natural beauty. I have found a brilliant UK web supplier of this beautiful yarn at a great price if you would like more details? Go Lopi! X

  2. Excellent post. The yarn can make a huge difference in a project looking like a million dollars or looking cheap. Thank you for posting this valuable information.

  3. Thanks for all this info and the great close-up photos! I love the texture and colors of all your popkes. Is Léttlopi a brand of Lopi, or is it a specific size/ thickness of Lopi? How many meters per 50 or 100 grams?

    1. Hi Ingrid, good you mention this about yardage, I forgot to mention it!
      The Léttlopi is a thickness of Lopi. There’s also a bulky and another thickness I think. The Léttlopi is for 50 grams ca 100 m/109 yd. I’ll add this info to the post.

      It’s not really suitable for making brads right? Or is it possible and you like the challenge?

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