Rupert, a crochet reindeer pattern

Meet Rupert, a distant relative of Rudolph. He’s a crochet reindeer that feels like winter, with hot coco and chocolate chip cookies.

crochet reindeer pattern, haakpatroon rendier, red nosed reindeer, rudolph

This time,  my goal was to create an original crochet reindeer pattern, which also easily can be turned into a Rudolph red nosed reindeer. When I choose the colours for Rupert, I almost couldn’t wait to see the end result. And he turned out exactly as I hoped he would, I absolutely love the colour combination. He looks so rustic and warm. Also, a dark red nose will look very good with these colours.

I doubted a bit to give him eyepatches because reindeers have those light eyelids, and decided to go for simple sewed on lines neatly around the eyes. I think he looks just as enthousiastic as in the sketch.

The antlers were also something I worried a bit about when I was working on this crochet reindeer pattern, because they needed to be in balance with the rest of the head. I was afraid they would look too big. But that isn’t at all how it turned out. I think they look just the right size. I know, real reindeer have much larger antlers, but it has to look nice on a crochet doll.

Here’s another picture of Rupert.

crochet red nosed reindeer patter, crochet moose, deer

Rupert is made with Lett Lopi, a 100% wool. It’s a lovely rustic and fuzzy yarn and is perfect for this crochet animal. The crochet pattern for Rupert you can find in my shop and in my shop at Ravelry. In the pattern you can find the colour numbers for Rupert, the materials you need to make him and of course a clear description of how to crochet and attach him, with example images as an extra help. Rupert is sitting 6,7 inch/ 17 cm tall.

And another funny picture.

reindeer doll

I hope Rupert meets up to your expectations and, Dutch people who are waiting for this pattern, I’ll translate it as soon as possible.



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