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A new one

Hi crafters!

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been making commissioned monkeys (something I am not going to do again) and have thought a lot about a new design. I had some trouble deciding what animal to make to be honest. After that rather realistic monkey, I wanted to go back to something simple. Basically to just a fun looking doll to make.

I asked for your suggestions and got some, but they where of the complicated sort. A kangaroo with a joey is an animal I want to make for sure, but I do want it to be both striking and simple and don’t have an idea for that yet. I also thought about designing a horned lizard pattern or a turtle, but was not sure I could reach my goal of fun and simple with those.

I also felt like making a cat. I have made a cat pattern before, Dandylion, but he isn’t a doll. A cat seemed like the perfect animal to make a fun and basic pattern for, and it also has some other interesting opportunities. So, a cat it was. The pattern for this cat will be simple but flexible. One with the option to make your own cat!

And no worries, the cat’s already finished. All I have to do is find the right moment to take some pictures and finish the pattern.

7 thoughts on “A new one”

    1. Great! But one thing Chris, Sophie is the kind of cat you can’t make with my suggestions, tortoiseshells have such different colour patterns than the rest…

      However with your talent I do wonder what you’re able to achieve!

      1. Oh Sonja you’re too kind! No I’d already realised a tortoiseshell wouldn’t be easy, so Sophie may get a little tabby companion. Or a ginger… or a Siamese… who knows? 😀.

  1. You have to go where the inspiration takes you so that you keep the joy of designing alive. I’m impressed with how long you’ve continued to do this and I hope you’ll keep on for a long time! How did the monkeys turn out? I’d love to see them.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! You are right 🙂

      The monkeys turned out good. They are a bit different from Adi. I will post a pic soon in my group.


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