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Working on Ida monkeys

Hi peeps, it seemed appropriate to give you an update about what I’m up to. I am doing something I normally would not do. I am making two Ida monkeys as assignments. When I started Adi’s pattern, I planned on making an extra monkey for my friend and illustrator Esther van Hulsen. But I didn’t plan on making another one. When Esther showed Adi to the professor that bought the Ida fossil, he was so delighted with the result he wanted to have one too. Well, I could not reject that, it felt fair to make him one too.

img_4346So, now I am working on the monkeys. I have to change their appearance a bit to make these look exactly like Esther’s version, but that makes it more fun.

You probably wonder why I never take assignments to make animals. Well, the main reason is that I get attached to them. When working on them I start to love them and have trouble giving them away. Also, if I would take more assignments like these, it would mean I would be constantly making the same animals and have less time designing new patterns, and that is what I love doing most. Every time it’s a challenge to create a new and fabulous looking doll and it keeps me fresh!

Now about a new design. I haven’t decided yet what animal I am going to make after I have these monkeys finished and I am open to suggestions. If you come up with something I really like, it might be the animal I am making next. So don’t be shy and let me know what you would like to see!

7 thoughts on “Working on Ida monkeys”

    1. Hi Debbie, I am going to make a kangaroo with joey after the one I am making first. I have to get a good image in my mind of how I want to make him and don’t have that now. But I am pretty sure it’ll be the one after this one!

      1. Excellent! I can’t wait! I live in the Australian country side and see kangaroos every day, but never get tired of them. 🙂 my colleague has two joeys rescued from mothers hit by cars and she keeps them in baskets at work during the day. 🙂 They are very sweet and shy, a bit like deer. I’ll look forward to your pattern! Debbie

  1. A kangaroo would be good. Or you could do a hippo, to go with your other pachyderms (rhino and elephant). I still would enjoy a moose.

      1. Surprise us! Actually, that rat I made (from your Trin pattern) could easily be a kangaroo because he uses his tail for balance.

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