A super fun collaboration

They are available now, the first ever original Son’s Popkes crochet mini kits, composed by Lucy McKelvey from Lucylocketland. Lucy and I are having a super fun collaboration. She has a wonderful craft shop in Sunderland in the United Kingdom with an online shop and she has composed five fabulous Son’s Popkes kits already and there are four more to come. (The text continues below the images.)


The animals you can make with the kits will look a bit smaller and less fuzzy than my original animals, because Lucy has picked different yarns for them, but they look very cute nonetheless. There are currently only 2 kits available per animal in either Scheepjes Catona or Adriafil Regina 100% Merino but more will follow. The kits contain everything you need; yarn, pure wool stuffing, animal safety eyes and even the right size crochet hook. And how can I forget, a printed copy of the pattern!

‘So far you can choose between Jonesy the flying ace duckling, Moser the mining mole, Flam the stylish fox, Odi the adorable owl, Plubby the perfect puffin or Balloo the cute little lamb’, I’m quoting Lucy here. Kits for Finse the crazy rabbit, Floro the red squirrel, Gus the sweet piglet and Friebel the sneaky house mouse will follow.

I’m ever so proud and excited, what a lovely little kits they are. Go and check them out!

2 thoughts on “A super fun collaboration”

  1. Oh, how exciting, Sonja! I have used Scheepjes Catona yarn and love it! This is such a great idea and I hope that it proves to be as popular as it deserves to be!

  2. I hope so too. The first batch sold successfully at a local craft market so that is encouraging 👍.

    Despite being Dutch, I’ve never used Scheepjes yarn, but I will soon to make my own fox 🐺

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