A barn owl pattern in progress

Some of you know already I am working on a barn owl pattern. A while ago I posted a picture of the face I designed on Instagram and I’ve been busy working on the body. At the same time I’ve been working on other things and everything isn’t going as speedily as I had hoped for.

So here’s a little progress update. Last week I finished the barn owl’s body, thinking this would be the final version. But I am not completely satisfied just yet. I tried something new to attach the tail and wings seamlessly and it looks very neat, but new things take more time.

In the picture you see prototype 2. I want to use a lighter colour for the wings and back. Also, I don’t like how the spots on the belly are positioned, I tried to make them look random, but they’ve become quite geometrical on the right side (in this picture). And I think the chest needs to be a bit wider, the wings are too close to each other.Ā I’m hoping to publish the barn owl pattern the first or second week of October and it looks like I am going to make that date!

I’ve also been working on a crazy little free pattern, a little creature many of us don’t like to have in high numbers in our gardens, but hedgehogs do. Yes, they will be cute! That pattern will be available here by the end of this week.

And what could it possibly be?

11 thoughts on “A barn owl pattern in progress”

  1. This barnowl pattern will be gorgeous in its final version! The owl already looks so good but I do understand that you want him to look perfect! — You made me curious what the little freebie might be… a cute little snail?

    1. Lovely to hear from you Nina, I’m happy to hear you think the barny looks good already. And yes! a little šŸŒ indeed! Don’t we all love our snails šŸ˜„

    1. Hi Ingrid! How lovely to see you, I think you are the first person that read my blog when I started it šŸ˜€. Well, yes, I suppose you can makes slugs with the snail patter, just skip the house.

      Do you prefer slugs to snails?

      1. My favorites are sea slugs! Some of them are gorgeous, like cartoon flowers. There are so many kinds and so many colors and shapes. The only one I’ve seen in real life was snow-white and very frilly and beautiful, calmly sailing along in a tidepool. I think they might be hard to crochet, though. I do love your snail pattern, btw! And the barn owl, too, what a great face!

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