Winter Woolfie, Eurasian wolf pattern

And here he is! Winter Woolfie turned out to be a Eurasian wolf.

eurasian wolf crochet pattern

When I finished the Border Collie pattern I immediately knew I wanted to make a furry version of my wolf. And since I’m not completely settled into our new house just yet I could do with an easy project. But I suppose I can’t do easy and this took much more time than I had anticipated.

When working on the head I decided to improve the facial colouring. And when I was finally satisfied with the new look, I began to realize that I could make a Eurasian wolf, the wolf that is once again living in my country after a long period of absence. We now have four wolf packs in the Netherlands, with one pack not even very far from where I live. So I wanted to make a tribute to our own fantastic wolf.

The Eurasian wolf is quite similar to the North American (grey) one but, surprisingly for me, the Eurasian wolf is bigger. It also has a more rusty colour overall. North American species are more diverse and colourful than the European wolves, so not to worry, you can make your ‘own’ wolf too with this pattern.

So, eventually the Winter Woolfie pattern turned out to be almost completely different. The shape stayed the same, but the colouring of each body part has changed, and I added facial and chest hair to create the winter coat. A more experienced crafter can mix and match the patterns to make a winter version of the original Wolf amigurumi. And of course you can leave out the loops to make a crochet wolf in Summer coat. Or when you make a wolf family you can give the male the fluffy appearance, and the female the slender, short-haired look. There are many possibilities. Let’s celebrate this special animal, and let’s never forget its crucial role in maintaining biodiversity*!

For now, here are some more pictures of this new crochet wolf pattern. You can find info about and links to buy the pattern below.

Info about & links to buy the pattern

This is a moderate pattern to make. Most parts work up pretty easily, but the reversed loop stitches for the head, chest and tail take some extra effort. The winter wolf is made with Istex Lett Lopi, a 100% wool with a lot of fuzziness. It’s 6 inch /15 cm sitting. The pattern contains a clear and colour-coded description of how to crochet and assemble the wolf, with instruction images next to the text and example pictures at the bottom to help you get everything right. In the pattern you can also find out what materials you need, the yarn colour numbers — in short, everything you need to know to make your own adorably mini wolf. All the additional information you need to know about this pattern you can find in the shop listings. You can purchase it in my shop at Ravelry, Etsy or order it here.

And heads up! This pattern has a one dollar release discount until December the 22nd!

*Wolves, like beavers, are eco-engineers. They can change the appearance and biodiversity of immense landscapes with their presence, because their prey —herbivores —will act differently. This has an enormous effect on landscapes and on the variety of plants and species that live there. If we want to save our environment, we must trust certain animals and their abilities to restore landscapes that have been exploited by humans back into the rich habitats they once were.

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