Crochet lop rabbit pattern

The crochet lop rabbit is finished! In my previous post I wrote about how I’d had some trouble getting everything right, but I did.

I’m proud to present my crochet lop rabbit, a crochet bunny with a true rabbit personality.

"gehaakte hangoor konijn"

"gehaakte hangoor, gehaakt hangoorkonijn, crochet lop rabbit"

I think this bunny is an improved version of my first crochet lop rabbit. He looks a bit more sturdy I think. I’m really happy with the result. Many lop bunnies are two coloured, so I made a two coloured pattern. Grey and white is probably more common but I preferred to use more ‘wild’ colours. Here’s a picture of the new and the old version.

gehaakte hangoor konijnen

If you’re going to make this crochet bunny, the crocheting part is the easy part. You can of course also make a one coloured version, or a normal bunny, if you make the ears a little bit shorter. When you assemble the pieces, you give your rabbit his character and looks, so do it carefully.

The rabbit is 6 inch/15,3 cm long when made with worsted weight yarn. The pattern is written in standard American terms and contains a clear instruction of how to crochet and attach the rabbit. It also contains many instruction images to help getting the right result. You can find the crochet lop rabbit pattern in my shop and in my Ravelry shop. You can also order it directly from me here. Have fun in making him and if you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate.


It turns out….

I’m making two lop rabbit patterns! You know it’s funny how the design process goes. I planned to make one better version lop rabbit, but that didn’t go the way I planned to. Whatever I’ve tried so far, it doesn’t look better than Boefje.

The new head looks great though, except when I attach it to the body. But I can’t just let the head go. It’s a sweet little bunny face that needs a body. So another kind of doll popped into my mind. This head asks for a more cartoon-ish body, like the bears, but with big flat bunny feet.

Designing stuffed animals can be a bit unpredictable sometimes. The sketches seem clear enough, but if it doesn’t work out in crochet I need to change plans, this time with a nice advantage. For the realistic lop rabbit I’ve found a solution too.


Animal safety eyes

When I tried different eyes for my lop bunny pattern, I noticed that if I used coloured eyes, they seemed smaller than the same size of black eyes. Because I hadn’t taken that into account, I ordered a bunch of eyes in black and brown and couldn’t use the brown ones because they looked much too small. I had to buy new eyes.

I decided to write a post about this in my ‘Tips & Trick’s’  section to give you a heads up.

I made some pictures to illustrate this topic. (The eyes are not attached completely but are just inserted loosely without the safety backs.)

From left to right: 11 mm/0,43 inch black safety eyes, 12 /0,47  black safety eyes, same size brown safety eyes, the eyes in 11 mm, 12 brown and 12 black. I’m going to use the 11 mm black eyes or the 12 mm brown ones. The 12 mm black ones look too big.

Actually it’s quite logical a coloured eye looks smaller, because it has a transparent ‘orb’ on top of the flat coloured circle, which reflects the light a bit. You can also look a bit through the eyes.

Conclusion. If you’re going to use coloured eyes, keep in mind that they look smaller and buy them one step bigger or buy a few sizes so you have the right size for sure.


Bunny sketches

Here are some sketches of the design process.

A bunny has an inconvenient body shape for a crochet doll. That’s because it has an egg shape head obliquely on top of an egg shaped body. (Hopefully the sketches clarify that.) If you would crochet the head and body in two pieces, it means that the openings of both the head and body are in the wrong place, and sewing together two closed pieces gives a weird result. I did do that for crochet Boefje, but wasn’t  happy with the result because the doll has no ‘neck’. For this new bunny I had to make that look better, so decided to make a round head with a little flat muzzle to get the eggy shape.

I hope I’ll have the bunny finished soon!



We saw the sweetest and most beautiful little lambs a few days ago. They couldn’t have been older than a few days, because their navel cord was still hanging to them. There was a dark one, the one in the pictures that is. He came running towards us very happy but stopped abruptly about a a metre from us and ran back, very funny. He was quite athletic. The other ones where white and very light brown/beige.

He looks so ‘not sheep’ with his long legs and short body.


screaming lamb

Because I’m going to move, the coming weeks will be a bit busy. Not much time for crocheting and blogging I’m afraid. So see you in a few weeks.

Hurray, spring is coming!


Son’s Popkes Shop

I just opened my own crochet pattern store, the Son’s Popkes Shop. It’s a shop at Craftsy. I will continue to post free patterns here, but I am also going to sell some patterns for a small amount at my store.

It’s something I’m very proud at and was looking very much forward to. Complex dolls like Starfox and the Lop Bunny I will sell there. More simple patterns, like Bomberman, I’ll post here for free. Because I needed to know if there would be enough interest in my patterns, I first offered the Starfox pattern for free, but on demand. I got so many request and positive reactions about the pattern that I got enough confidence in selling some patterns from now on.

So….crochet Starfox is the first pattern in my shop! ‘Feel free to look around….yes.’

And thank you all kindly, for your lovely and encouraging comments and the interest in my patterns, it’s absolutely great to hear from you, really!


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