Munchie, crochet fawn pattern

With great pleasure I can finally present to you my baby roe deer pattern! This time of the year they are just born and if you are lucky you can hear them call for their mother if you’re visiting a rural area or forest. They are well hidden in a high grass field or dense bushes, so you are very lucky if you see one.

crochet baby deer

Fawns are so gorgeous with their spotted fur that provides excellent camouflage. They often sit well hidden, making themselves as small as possible. That of course offered me a nice challenge: how could I best design this baby deer? From the start I knew I wanted to create a crochet fawn in a sitting position with its legs folded beneath the body.

I started designing the head, and when it was finished I worked on the body, first in one colour to create the right shape, with a bended neck made with a few short-rows. When I was satisfied with the shaping, I started the colouring. At first I wasn’t sure about how many colours to use. I knew a fawn’s back is much darker than the flanks, but it meant using an extra colour and I prefer to use as few colours as possible. But just the lighter brown combined with the light spots didn’t give the result I had in mind. I really had to add that warm, dark brown colour to get the desired look. The body made in those three colours looks so beautiful. Creating spots takes a bit more effort, but the result is so rewarding, and the result is the perfect camouflaged fawn body.

For the legs, I had to find out how to attach them. I tried a one-piece shape, but it made the fawn too stiff. So I decided to make loose limbs. I’ve used pipe-cleaners in the legs to make them bendable into all sorts of poses, but I know some of you prefer not to use them or cannot because they are not safe for small children. Because the legs aren’t stuffed they stay quite flexible, and if you want the fawn sitting in the same position as Munchie, you can simply sew them like that with a few stitches.

This is another very realistic crochet animal pattern, and I really enjoy designing them. I hope you like this special fawn as much as I do! Here are some more pictures of this fawn amigurumi, and below them you can find all the info you need about the pattern.

Info about & links to buy the pattern

The pattern for this realistic crochet fawn is rather easy, but the colour changes require some extra concentration.

This fawn is made with Istex Lett Lopi, a 100% wool with a lot of fuzziness. It’s 5.5 inch /14 cm long. The pattern contains a clear and colour-coded description of how to crochet and assemble the doll, with instruction images next to the text and example pictures at the bottom to help you get everything right. In the pattern you can also find out what materials you need, the yarn colour numbers — in short, everything you need to know to make your own fawn. All the additional information you need to know about this pattern you can find in the shop listings. You can purchase it in my shop at Ravelry, Etsy or order it here.

And heads up! This pattern has a one dollar release discount till Tuesday, the 23rd of June!