Free mini Easter bunny ears pattern

This is a must have pattern for all you Popke fans and amigurumi makers out there. With these fabulous bunny ears, you can turn each and every crochet animal into an Easter bunny. How exciting is that!?! It’s a super simple pattern and easy to adjust in size.

Just look at these two ‘new born’ Easter bunnies!


For this pattern you need worsted weight yarn and hook E US/ 3,5 mm. I’ve used Lett Lopi yarn; colours barley 1419 and pale green 9421. You’ll also need sewing materials and a pipe-cleaner for the headband.


1. ch of 9, in 2nd ch from hook 2 sc, sc in next 6, 2 sc in last, turn, 2 sc in bottom loop of next, sc in next 7 = 19

2. ch 1 and go back, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 7, 2 sc in next 2, sc in next 8, sl st in last and leave yarn end for sewing. Weave in the other yarn end.

If the ears you made curl all different ways you don’t like, make them doubled. I didn’t do that because I like the playful effect. If you need bigger ears, repeat round 2 but do 8 sc’s before the increase and so on.


1. magic ring of 4 = 4

2-21. sc in each around = 4, sl st in 1st (keep going if you want it to be longer)

22. sc in each around = 4, sl st in 1st and leave yarn and for sewing.

Now stretch the tube and insert the pipe-cleaner. You can sew the band closed by putting the needle from the inside out through all the outside loops of the 4 st, clockwise. If you do it correctly, you can pull the yarn end and it will close the gap.

All you have to do now is attach the ears to the headband, about three rounds apart and a bit folded together at the bottom so they are a bit hollow.

There, now you can give all your Popkes an Easter bunny metamorphosis!

Here you can find the free pattern for Easter eggs and a little basket. You can easily turn the basket into the backpack you see in the pictures, by adding an extra strap to it.

Thank you Rafi Made It for giving me this lovely idea!