A free Halloween pattern, Mr. Creeper the spider.

Halloween is something that isn’t celebrated in the Netherlands, but I would love it. It looks and sounds like an exciting time with fun ‘rituals’ and attributes.

As a thanks to all of you who bought my patterns and because it’s just fun, I designed a cuddly Halloween spider. A fearsome fuzzy crochet spider called Mr. Creeper.

A warning for scared mums….here he is!

gehaakte spin, amigurumi spider, crochet spider

And now, the pattern to make Mr. Creeper.

For this pattern you’ll need worsted weight yarn and hook US E/3,5 mm. to get an approximately 6 inch / 15 cm tall spider, measured from front to back paw. I used the darkest brown colour of Lètt Lopi, a 100% wool. You will also need fiberfill, animal eyes, I used 7 mm eyes. Safety eyes with big backs won’t fit in the head so make sure you are going to use eyes that do fit. You also need pipe cleaners for the legs, so you can bend them into shape.


1. magic ring of 6

2. 2 sc in each around = 12

3. (sc in next, 2 sc in next) x 6 = 18

4. (sc in next 2, 2 sc in next) x 6 = 24

5. 2 sc in next 2, sc in next 10, 2 sc in next 2, sc in next 10 = 28

6-7. sc in each around = 28

8. s2tog, sc in next 10, s2tog x 2, sc in next 10, s2tog = 24

9. (sc in next 2, s2tog) x 6 = 18

10. (sc in next, s2tog) x 6 = 12

11. s2tog x 6 = 6

Now close the gap by putting the needle from the inside out, trough all the outside loops of the 6 st, clockwise. If you do it correctly, you can now pull the tail and it will close the gab. Sew in the end.


1. magic ring of 5

2. 2 sc in each around = 10

3-4. sc in each around = 10

Leave tail for sewing.

Legs (make 8)

1. magic ring of 4

2-11. sc in each around = 4

Leave tails for sewing. You can now insert the pipe cleaners. Stretch the paws so they get the length you want them to have and leave a bit of pipe cleaner sticking out, which you can later push into the body.


ch of 2, in 2nd ch from hook sl st. (leave both tails long enough for sewing)

 Assembling the spider.

Finish the spiders face by attaching the eyes and sew on the jaws. I sewed Mr. Creepers jaws tight by sewing both ends to the head. Now you can attach the head to the body. After this I attached the paws neatly opposite to each other, by pushing in the ends of the pipe cleaners. If they are in the right spots, sew them tight.

Ah, now he’s finished! Here’s another image to help you get everything right.


Happy Halloween!