Knitting and all

FullSizeRenderYou all might be wondering what is taking the hamster so long. Erm, well, it was knitting. Last week I had almost finished my first ever knitted cardigan. I was so curious how it would look (on me) that it became high priority to finish it as fast as possible. Only the button bands and collar had to be knit and without them the cardigan looked a bit small and unfinished.

The hamster Bamse, what a surprise I am calling him Bamse, which suits him much better because Bamse means little bear in Swedish, had to wait. Right now he is standing opposite me, missing one leg and having all his parts still pinned into his body instead of sewed. He is not a happy hamster yet.

IMG_2329But the cardigan is finished now and I am so proud and delighted with it. It turned out fabulous! Look, I am wearing it, looking very serieus as I’m not good in smiling to myself when making a selfie.

I already bought yarn for a new cardigan, but I promise I won’t let it get in the way of my Popke design activities.


Next week Bamse should be finished. He is a rather cheeky little fellow.