Monthly Archives: December 2012

Doggy sketch

I’m celebrating the Christmas holiday and we’re supposed to go hiking in this free period, but the weather isn’t the kind you can enjoy… rain and slippery roads that look like muddy streams, which makes you all blubbery when you walk on them for just two seconds.

Anyway, crocheting gives me much joy too, so I started working on my new pattern, the doggy or ‘hondje’ in Dutch.

He’s not really a specific breed of dog. He looks most like a basset hound or beagle in my colouring, but it isn’t important, he’s just ‘dog’. He’s the kind of stuffed toy you can give to a toddler and he’ll name it doggy, because that’s what he is. Simple and sweet, well, I hope he will be.

Here’s the sketch. Hondje should be able to stand on four paws and can also lay flat on his tummy.


A winter update

It’s almost Christmas and I like it. So do the Popkes as you can see. I was going to make a free Christmas pattern, but unfortunately I don’t have time for it….

Since November I’m working on a big assignment, I’m making illustrations for a children’s book. It’s absolutely a great and I love the story of the book and the drawings I can make for it, it suits me perfect and I’m still very glad the writer found my work! But because of that I just don’t have enough time for a Christmas pattern.

More patterns will come though, even when I have to draw a lot, I will make time for new crochet animals. In the upcoming Christmas holiday I’m going to make a crochet dog. I’m more a cat person than a dog person, but I’ve got this great idea for a doggy, inspired by my boyfriends first pluche doll ever. I’m looking forward to make him.

When the book is finished I will post some illustrations at my website and the sketch of the doggy will be here soon!

Have a nice week, Sonja.