In my garden

Hi there lovely crafters! I’m writing this from my garden office. The weather is so very lovely finally, how can I sit inside while it is nice and warm outside?

Yes, I am finally working on my new otter pattern. After all the updates, I was really looking forward to a new project but forgot my hard working boyfriend had a week off. Of course I wanted to do fun things together and go out into nature. The otter had to wait a bit. Despite all our outdoor activities, I did finish a lovely head and am now working on the rest of the otter and the pattern.

Most of you know I already made an otter pattern once, but I decided to make a completely new version, a much more mischievious looking one. This otter will have a younger and more whimsical appearance. Basil is a lovey otter, but he misses a bit of the characteristic funny otter looks.

There are two other patterns I almost can’t wait to start on. I already bought yarn for a giraffe pattern and after that I want to make an alpaca pattern, yes! I saw alpacas in a field and they are such silly looking creatures, I love them and all their fuzziness. I think I’m going to use an alpaca yarn to make one, how exciting!

See you soon with new and fun patterns!

4 thoughts on “In my garden”

  1. I’m really looking forward to all these Sonja – especially the alpaca! Definitely one of my favourite animals. Those eyes… those crazy hairstyles! 😂 Enjoy your lovely garden xx

    1. How lovely you like them! They never had my attention because I never really saw them close by, but bow I did and they look hilarious, and CUTE 🙈

  2. Oh, the otter looks adorable. And, like Chris, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for an alpaca. I love their faces, too. So much personality! Wasn’t “Tina” in the movie Napoleon Dynamite an alpaca?

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