Free Santa hat & mini antlers pattern

Look at this happy Christmas duo! Don’t they look adorable wearing their little decorations?!

Long ago I designed the crochet Santa hat pattern and a few years later I added the pattern for the mini antlers. This weekend I had the idea to do a fun photo-shoot with my newest animals wearing them. But oh no! It seemed that I’d lost the Santa hat! I looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. I was almost about to order a skein of yarn to make a new one, when I thought of a last place where it could be and there I found it!

Because I’ll be posting a lot of pictures of animals wearing these lovely items, I decided to refresh both patterns. So here they are! Happy crocheting and dressing up your Popkes with crochet Santa hats and antlers!

Mini Santa hat pattern

For this pattern you need worsted weight yarn and hook E US/ 3,5 mm. I’ve used Lett Lopi yarn; colours white 0051 and dark red 1409. You’ll also need sewing materials and a hard brush to fuzzy up the brim and pompom.

The red part, work in rows

1. magic ring of 6 = 6

2. sc in each around = 6, close with sl st.

3. ch 2, (dc in next 2, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 8, sl st,

4. ch 2, (dc in next 3, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 10, sl st.

5. ch 2, (dc in next 4, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 12, sl st.

6. ch 2, (dc in next 3, 2 dc in next) x 3 = 15, sl st.

7. ch 2, (dc in next 4, 2 dc in next) x 3 = 18, sl st.

8. ch 2, (dc in next 8, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 20, sl st.

9. ch 2, (dc in next 9, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 22, sl st.

10. ch 2, (dc in next 10, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 24, change colour to white in sl st. If you need a bigger mini hat, don’t change to white just yet and continue like above by adding two stitches each round, till your hat is the right size. Keep in mind there will be white folded rounds (three rounds of sc’s) below the red part of the hat.

11. ch 2, (dc in next 11, 2 dc in next) x 2 = 26, sl st.

12. ch 1, sc in each around = 26, sl st.

13. ch 1, sc in each around = 26, sl st.

14. ch 1, sc in each around = 26, sl st in 1st and leave yarn end for sewing.

Now fold the white part upwards, so your hat will have a nice and thick brim. Sew it tight with the yarn end.

Mini antlers pattern

For the antlers you also need the worsted Lett Lopi yarn in the colour brown and any other colour you like and the same hook as above. Pipe-cleaners to make the pieces bendable are optional. I have used them but they are not safe for small children!

The antlers (brown, make two of each piece)

Part 1

1. magic ring of 4 = 4

2 – 6. sc in each around = 4, sl st and leave yarn end

Part 2

1. magic ring of 4 = 4

2 – 4. sc in each around = 4, sl st and leave yarn end

Part 3

1. magic ring of 4 = 4

2 – 3. sc in each around = 4, sl st and leave yarn end

Now you can insert the pipe-cleaners in the longest 4 pieces. Stretch the parts to get the right length and make sure the cleaners in the longest two (part 1’s) stick out just a little bit, so you can prick them into the headband. Now attach the parts 2 to the bottom parts of the parts 1 and the parts 3 to the top part of the parts 1, as shown in the picture. Weave in the yarn ends except for the yarn ends of the longest parts, so you can use them to sew the antlers to the headband.

Headband (any cheerful colour will do)

1. magic ring of 4 = 4

2 – 22. sc in each around = 4, sl st.

Now stretch this piece too and insert the pipe-cleaner. Now you can sew the band closed by putting the needle from the inside out through all the outside loops of the 4 st, clockwise. If you do it correctly, you can pull the yarn end and it will close the gap.

All you have to do now is attach the antlers to the headband, about two rounds apart.

There, now you can give all your Popkes a reindeer metamorphose!


It’s almost Christmas


Every year, I make a Christmas card. Before I started Son’s Popkes, I used to paint humoristic illustrations of Santa having bad luck. Now, with Son’s Popkes, I have this fabulous new subject, my crochet animals. This year I thought long of what to paint. At some point I started thinking of taking some nice pictures, because I still hadn’t got the right idea for an illustration.

But then the idea finally was there. What about ice skating Popkes? That was a very fine idea indeed, so I started to sketch about and after some time I finished this Christmas card.

The painting is titled ‘A Popkes winter wonderland’ and is painted with acrylic paint on an 18 x 24 cm canvas board. I’ve grown very fond of this painted version of Falun, he looks so utterly adorable.

My Christmas holiday has started now. I’m going to enjoy it by finishing the book I’m reading, Roald Dahl’s ‘Going Solo’. My boyfriend and I like to go hiking in this wintery weather and in the evenings we will be watching our favourite movies. I always look forward to this time of year and wish you all a jolly good Christmas and a happy New Year!